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Blog Posts in April, 2012

Common Causes of Birth Injuries

While the majority of babies enter the world unscathed, this is little consolation to the few parents whose babies suffered birth injuries or trauma. Birth injuries sometimes occur when obstetricians ...
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Five Things to Bring to Your Initial Medical Malpractice Consultation

Preparation is the key to making the most of your initial consultation with a medical malpractice attorney. In this meeting, the attorney will likely make an initial assessment of your chances to win ...
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Advantages of Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer who is also an MD

When a client consults an attorney to determine if he or she has a valid medical malpractice claim, in most cases that attorney must rely on the knowledge and opinions of external medical experts. In ...
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Alarming Medical Malpractice Statistics

Experts estimate that close to 100,000 people die in hospitals every year, largely due to preventable errors. These include giving patients wrong medications or doses, mixing up patients for surgery, ...
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Sexual Malpractice by Psychotherapists

Psychoanalysis or therapy sessions by a qualified psychotherapist can help people overcome deep-seated emotional problems, many of which plagued them since childhood. Therapy patients assume that they ...
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Advice on a Personal Injury Case

As an attorney who is actively involved with other members of my legal community, I am often called upon to provide input and advice to other lawyers. In the following situation, I was involved in a ...
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Recent Medical Malpractice Rulings in the News

In 2004, the highest court in New York changed state law to allow mothers to sue for emotional suffering for stillbirths, provided that the cause was medical malpractice. Prior to this, a mother could ...
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Juries vs. Judges - My Opinion

A recent decision made by the Court of Special Appeals in the case of Yiallouros v. Tolson. is noteworthy for a few reasons: Its treatment of expert ...
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Thoughts on Superior Court Order Regarding Payment of Expert Witness Deposition Fees

Not long ago, I found myself involved in a discussion with fellow trial attorneys on the subject of a recent and, in my opinion, incorrect decision made by a D.C. Superior Court judge regarding the ...
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