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Blog Posts in July, 2012

How Many Medical Tests are Too Many?

A report published earlier this year in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirms what many of us have suspected for years: the American medical system performs far too many tests on ...
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Beware the Junk Science Defense

Most medical malpractice cases hinge on expert witness testimony. Most times there simply is no other way to prove negligence or fault on the part of a doctor. After all, the lawyers, the judge, and ...
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Understanding Informed Consent Laws

Risk is part of any medical procedure, and patients have the right to refuse certain treatments and procedures if they feel they are too risky. The concept, known as informed consent, gives doctors ...
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Understanding Nursing Malpractice

Malpractice law does not just apply to doctors. Any medical professional who harms a patient through acts of negligence or carelessness opens themselves up to malpractice claims, including nurses. ...
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The Myths Behind the Rising Costs of Malpractice Insurance

It is common knowledge that the cost of medical malpractice insurance across the nation climbed steadily in recent years. In higher cost states like Florida, for example, a doctor of internal medicine ...
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Mediation as an Element of Tort Reform

Tort reform is frequently touted by political candidates across the country as a means to rein in health care costs that many perceive as spiraling out of control. Many pundits on both sides of the ...
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When Good Lawyers Go Bad: A Lesson of Ethics

The hallmark of a quality attorney is his or her commitment to ethics. Attorneys should hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics and principles, and those who choose not to should face ...
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Birth Injury Verdicts Totaling $9 Million in Roanoke Virginia

On the morning of May 18, a jury in the Roanoke, Virginia Circuit Court returned a verdict of $9 million in favor of a mother and her 10-year-old daughter in a birth injury case. This verdict was 10 ...
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High Risk Pregnancy and Medical Malpractice

Every pregnancy is different and carries its own risks. If an obstetrician fails to identify a pregnancy on the high end of the risk spectrum, and birth injuries result that could have been prevented ...
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