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Blog Posts in May, 2012

Why Do Attorneys Turn Down Medical Malpractice Cases?

Some of the reasons why an attorney will not take a medical malpractice case include the following: There is no credible expert to show that malpractice caused your injury, or that there was ...
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Finding the Right Malpractice Attorney

Winning a medical malpractice case takes a specific set of skills and experience. Verdicts in medical malpractice cases are often large and doctors, hospitals, and their insurers are going to fight ...
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What Constitutes Medical Malpractice in DC and Baltimore?

When a physician, surgeon, nurse, or other health care provider is negligent—that is, fails to meet a satisfactory standard of patient care—and his or her patient suffers injury, illness, ...
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When Birth Injuries Result from Negligence

Childbirth is a natural and miraculous event, but not every labor and delivery is the same. Some women have uneventful deliveries and healthy babies, while others have difficult experiences. In that ...
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Obstetric Errors

Top reasons for malpractice lawsuits against obstetricians In a recent survey of more than 800 obstetrical medical malpractice cases over five years, the data showed that parents are most likely to ...
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What is the Collateral Source Rule in Maryland?

Maryland and Washington, DC are among the jurisdictions that operate under the Collateral Source Rule. The rule applies to situations where the plaintiff in a personal injury case receives ...
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What is The Federal Tort Claims Act?

Enacted in the 1940s, The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) provides the legal mechanism for compensating people who suffered personal injuries as a result of negligence or wrongful actions by United ...
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Injury to the spinal cord or column can result in varying levels of paralysis, depending on both the severity and the location of the damage. It its most extreme cases, paralysis affects the entire ...
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Tips for Protecting Yourself against Common Hospital Errors

The modern hospital setting is a potentially dangerous place where vulnerable, sick patients go to seek help from often overworked, stressed out medical professionals. Society expects doctors and ...
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