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Jury Awards $44.1 Million to Brain Injury Victim

Recently, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania was ordered to pay a $44.1 million verdict after they failed to recognize a patient’s adverse reactions to an anticoagulant medicine, which caused her to suffer from a brain hemorrhage. The verdict decision, which stated that the doctor was 35% liable while the hospital was 65% liable, was made on Wednesday, April 27. As of now, sources state this is the highest verdict reported by The Legal in Pennsylvania in 2016.

The Trial

Sources state that the jury discussed the case for about 7 hours over a two-day period, although the case lasted 13 days. The jury determined that the hospital allegedly failed to recognize the changes in the patient’s blood after she was prescribed the anticoagulant medication. Her attorney stated that the changes in the patient’s blood would have provided an obvious warning that the patient was at a high risk for a brain hemorrhage.

Before the patient’s procedure, medical professionals found a benign tumor in the patient’s brain. Following the procedure to remove the tumor, doctors monitored the patient’s blood to determine whether the blood was becoming too thin. Six days after her procedure, test results determined that the coagulation was moving from the normal side of the spectrum to the higher side. At this point, medical professionals stopped performing tests and the patient suffered from a massive brain bleed, according to the patient’s lawyer.

Due to the negligence of the doctor and the hospital, the patient is faced with a lifelong, catastrophic brain injury, which has left the patient unable to feed herself, walk, or use the toilet. According to the patient’s attorney, the brain hemorrhage left the patient’s right leg and left side paralyzed, as well.

We Fight for the Rights of Brain Injury Victims!

If you or someone you love has received treatment from a medical professional and suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a result, get in touch with our Washington DC medical malpractice lawyers at The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates right away. At our firm, we work diligently, day in and day out, to safeguard the futures and rights of those wrongfully harmed. Because we are highly skilled in the medical field, we do our best to help our clients pursue maximum monetary compensation for any physical harms, emotional damages, and medical expenses they may acquire as a result. We can do the same for you.

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