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Mistakes in the Cadaver Program at the George Washington University Medical School Leads to Lawsuit

GavelAttorney Michael M. Wilson, founder of The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates, along with co-counsel Cary Hansel, has filed a lawsuit against George Washington University after the medical school had issues in the fall of 2015 with identifying the donated cadavers. According to the lawsuit, three families are claiming the school continued to cremate the unidentified bodies, giving ashes to loved ones who may not have received the correct remains, even after the school realized that it had identification problems with the remains.

According to the lawsuit, the George Washington University Medical School covered up their negligence and tampered with the genetic testing that could have helped identify the cadavers.

In early February, GWU announced that they had lost track of the identities of roughly 50 cadavers who were donated for first-year medical students to train. At the time of the discovery, the body donor program was suspended and university officials stated that the problems may have gone back nearly seven years.

According to the lawsuit, the university collected samples of genetics from the cadavers, but the families were not told about the samples until the lawsuit was threatened. The lawsuit also alleges that the university has ignored numerous requests to make the genetic samples available to the families for expert testing. The lawsuit further alleges that the bodies were cremated in Maryland, even though Maryland has regulations that prohibit unidentified bodies from being cremated.

The plaintiffs allege in the lawsuit that the remains of their relatives have been lost or given to other families. They are seeking damages in the amount of $10 million each from the George Washington University.

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