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Triple Amputee Awarded Nearly $14 Million in Case Against Aiken Regional Medical Centers

medical malpracticeSeletha Gartrell, who lost both of her legs above the knee, her left arm from below the elbow, and fingers from her right hand, was awarded nearly $14 million in damages by a jury in Aiken County this month in a case against Aiken Regional Medical Centers. The complaint alleged that the amputations were a result of negligent care. The doctors and nurses did not realize that Gartrell was suffering from sepsis, an illness that can be fatal if not treated properly and in a timely manner.

The jury found that there was clear evidence that Aiken Regional Medical Centers were reckless and wanton in their conduct. Aiken Regional Medical Centers released a statement, disagreeing with the verdict, and claiming that their staff gave her the best possible care.

Gartrell was suffering from severe sepsis when she was admitted to the hospital, and progressed into sepsis shock. However, she was not given proper antibiotics until 14 hours after admission nor was she seen by a physician until 5 hours after her arrival. Johnny Felder, one of Gartrell’s attorney believes that, given the extent of her injuries, the verdict was rather conservative, but believes that it will force hospitals to closely examine how their emergency rooms and ICU units are run.

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