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Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia

Woman crying in an Alexandria hospital after hearing bad news from doctor based on her x-ray results.

When people get sick or injured, they go to a doctor with the expectation that the doctor will know how to treat them properly and help them get better. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, treatment simply isn’t successful. Other times, a doctor’s negligence makes a person’s condition worse. If this recently happened to you, and you believe a doctor’s wrongdoing caused you to suffer further injury, you should speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer right away.

The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, MD, JD & Associates is here to help. We are a distinctive medical malpractice law firm that works with injured patients and their families throughout the Washington, D.C., area, including Alexandria. With his unique medical and legal background, Dr. Wilson has recovered more than $100 million on behalf of our firm’s deserving clients. Contact us now and receive a free review of your case.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals are all expected to provide a certain standard of care. When they fail to do so, their actions can be considered medical malpractice. Not all cases of unsuccessful treatment amount to malpractice. For a patient to show that medical malpractice occurred, the patient must establish three elements:

  • The medical professional failed to provide the proper standard of care – All healthcare professionals must act in a reasonable manner and provide the proper standard of care. The standard depends on the specific situation. It comes down to whether another medical professional in the same field would have acted in the same manner as the professional accused of committing medical malpractice.
  • The patient suffered injury as a result – The patient must also show that the medical professional’s negligence caused the patient to suffer an injury. Some people refer to this element of a medical malpractice claim as “causation.” Generally, if a patient would not have suffered an injury but for the medical professional’s negligence, causation exists.
  • The injury caused the patient to suffer actual damages – The patient must show not only some form of injury but damages. In other words, the patient must show that he or she incurred expenses to treat the injury or lost money because the injury caused the patient to miss work. In a medical malpractice claim, a patient will seek compensation for those damages.

When Dr. Wilson reviews your case, he will rely on his combined medical and legal background to analyze each of these elements. He may also consult with highly knowledgeable medical professionals in the same medical field as the doctor or other health care professional who caused you to suffer harm. Based on his review, he can provide you with an honest assessment of your case and let you know what to expect as you move forward with your medical malpractice claim.

What are Common Types of Medical Malpractice Cases in Alexandria, VA?

Our law firm works with clients in Alexandria, VA, and throughout the Washington, D.C., area in a wide range of medical malpractice cases. Some of the most common types of cases that we encounter are:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis A doctor must diagnose certain illnesses and conditions right away to prevent further harm to the patient. Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes are examples of medical conditions that can be deadly if a patient does not receive a timely and accurate diagnosis.
  • Unnecessary surgery – Surgeries are expensive, and they can involve a long recovery time. A doctor should not order a patient to undergo surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Premature discharge – In an attempt to open up beds in a hospital, the hospital may discharge a patient far too early. In some cases, a doctor may fail to notice complications or issues with the patient and send the patient home when the patient actually requires more monitoring and treatment.
  • Testing errors – If a doctor fails to order certain tests that could help the doctor to diagnose a condition, or if a doctor fails to act on the results of a certain test, it can amount to negligence.
  • Failing to follow up – After treatment, doctors should always follow up with their patients to ensure they are doing better. Unfortunately, not all doctors provide this type of care. As a result, a patient may suffer serious complications that go undetected.
  • Medication errors A doctor may prescribe the wrong dosage, or a healthcare worker may administer medication to the wrong patient or give the wrong type of medication to a patient.
  • Surgical errors The most common surgical error is when a doctor leaves tools and other equipment such as a surgical sponge inside a patient’s body. Other types of surgical mistakes include operating on the wrong body part or botching the administration of anesthesia.
  • Hospital-acquired infections – A patient can get exposed to a wide array of viruses and bacteria in a hospital. In many cases, patients suffer hospital-acquired infections because doctors and staff members use unsterilized equipment or simply fail to wash their hands before and after contact with patients.

Unfortunately, any of these above types of medical malpractice can cause patients to suffer devastating harm. Many Lawyer holding a gavel with hourglass on the side in his office in Alexandria, Virginia.patients’ lives are never the same. Their family members can suffer as well. This is why it is so important to speak with a medical malpractice attorney in Alexandria, Virginia if you believe that you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to medical malpractice. You may have the right to pursue just compensation and hold the doctor or other medical professionals accountable.

Is There a Time Limit for Filing Personal Injury Claims in Alexandria, VA?

Yes, the state of Virginia has a statute of limitations of two years on personal injury claims. This means there is a time limit on how long you have to bring a lawsuit for your injuries.

Our Experienced Alexandria Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

Medical malpractice cases are among the most complex personal injury claims. They require an in-depth knowledge of not only the law but of medicine as well. This is why you should consult with The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, MD, JD & Associates, if you believe that you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to negligence of a doctor or other medical professional. We are not only lawyers but doctors as well. We can put that knowledge to work for you and help you to pursue the compensation that you deserve. Contact our Alexandria medical malpractice lawyers today for your free case evaluation and learn more about how we can help you.

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