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Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Medical staff in a hurry move patient into operating room.

No one plans to go to the emergency room (ER) for an illness or injury. But when accidents or injuries happen, patients expect emergency healthcare providers to provide medical treatment that meets acceptable standards of care. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A Washington, D.C. emergency room error lawyer can help you seek compensation if negligence or substandard care in the ER caused you harm.

A lawyer who is also a physician is helpful in an emergency room error case. Emergency room error lawsuits are complex, requiring extensive legal and medical knowledge. The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates has helped many injured victims recover money for medical care, lost pay, and pain and suffering. Contact our Washington, D.C. emergency room error attorneys today for a free consultation.

What Are Common Emergency Room Errors?

Emergency room errors might not be intentional. However, they can lead to complications, poorer outcomes, worsened conditions, and loss of life. While each case is unique, here are some common emergency room errors:

  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis Failing to identify a patient’s condition or delaying the correct diagnosis has serious consequences. It could lead to inappropriate or delayed treatment, worsening the patient’s condition, or even death.
  • Medication errors Mistakes in prescribing, administering, or monitoring medications can occur in the chaotic environment of an emergency room. This includes errors in dosage, drug interactions, allergies, or improper administration techniques.
  • Failure to get medical history – Emergency room staff should get a complete medical history. Knowing a patient’s genetic risk, previous health issues, and current medication list can reduce errors and improve care.
  • Surgical errors Emergency surgery errors include operating on the wrong body part, damaging vital organs, or leaving surgical instruments inside the patient’s body.
  • Anesthesia errors Administering anesthesia in the wrong dose, at the wrong time, or without considering potential medication interactions can have catastrophic consequences.
  • Failure to order necessary tests – Neglecting to order appropriate diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, or laboratory tests, may result in missed diagnoses or delayed treatment.
  • Inadequate patient monitoring – Failing to monitor patients in the emergency room, especially those with critical conditions, can lead to preventable deterioration and poor outcomes.
  • Inadequately trained staff – Emergency room personnel must be well-trained to make fast, accurate diagnoses and correctly administer treatments, diagnostics, or doses. Otherwise, they may endanger the health and well-being of patients.

Who Can Be Held Liable for an Emergency Room Error?

The liability for an emergency room error can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the applicable laws in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred. Several parties may be held liable for an emergency room error, including:

  • Medical professionals – Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers must uphold a standard level of care. Medical professionals who disregard accepted protocols in diagnosis, treatment, and medication can be accountable for adverse outcomes.
  • Hospitals or healthcare facilities – The hospital or healthcare facility that houses the emergency room can be liable for the actions or negligence of its employees – whether due to inadequate staffing, insufficient training, or failure to maintain proper protocols and procedures.
  • Supervisory staff – If the error occurred due to the negligence or improper supervision of managerial or supervisory staff, they may be financially accountable for their role in the incident.
  • Government entities – If a government entity runs the emergency room, such as a public hospital, there may be specific laws or procedures for filing claims against the government for medical malpractice.
  • Pharmaceutical companies – In cases involving medication errors or defective drugs, the manufacturer or distributor of the medication could be liable if the error stemmed from a product defect or inadequate warnings about its potential risks.
  • Third parties – A third party, such as a medical device manufacturer or contractor responsible for maintenance and repairs, may be liable if their negligence contributed to the emergency room error.

What Compensation Is Available for a Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Lawsuit?

Compensation in these cases can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the extent of damages suffered by the plaintiff. Some types of financial recovery that may be available include:

  • Past, present, and future medical costs related to the emergency room visit, such as hospital bills, surgeries, medications, rehabilitation, and ongoing treatment
  • Lost wages if your injuries resulted in missed work or reduced earning capacity
  • Physical pain, emotional distress, loss of consortium, and lower quality of life
  • Disability and disfigurement resulting from your injuries

A medical malpractice attorney can review your case and calculate the full value of the losses for which you may be owed compensation.

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Are There Caps on Damages in Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Error Malpractice Claims?

Some states have a limit on how much money injured patients could recover in a medical malpractice lawsuit, including those involving emergency room errors. However, the District of Columbia does not have any caps on medical malpractice damages. A judge or jury who rules in favor of the plaintiff may award whatever compensation they deem appropriate.

Contact a Washington, D.C. Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Medical professionals, including emergency room personnel, have an obligation to uphold an accepted standard of care. Yet negligence and preventable medical errors harm millions of patients each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

If you suffered physical, emotional, or financial losses due to an emergency room error, you could pursue compensation. The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates in Washington, D.C. can gather evidence, medical reports, and expert testimony to build your case and help you pursue compensation.

Contact The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates in Washington, D.C. for a free initial consultation today.

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