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Antibiotic Errors for Bloodstream Infections Common in Community Hospitals


Medical negligence can take many different forms. From anesthesia errors to surgical errors, any type of mistake or failure of a medical professional to provide adequate care can place patients at risk. In a recent article published in MedPage Today, researchers are calling attention to the dangers of antibiotic errors and the harm they can cause patients.

The article – which can be viewed here – details an alarming trend in community hospitals in the U.S. – antibiotic errors are far too common. According to researchers from Duke University who analyzed hospital data from 2003 through 2006, more than one in three patients treated for bloodstream infections in community hospitals received inappropriate antibiotic therapy. Common bloodstream infections include E. coli and staph infection.

Because most health care in America is delivered in community hospitals, the new findings are alarming, and a reason for medical professionals to address problems with current procedures and policies. Although officials have noted that bloodstream infections are difficult to identify and treat in a timely fashion, researchers have stated that there is room for improvement, especially in community hospital settings.

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