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Medical Malpractice

Hypoglycemia and Medical Malpractice: What You Should Know?

Let Our Skilled Washington, D.C. Hypoglycemia Lawyers at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates Fight for the Compensation You Deserve

Hypoglycemia, often called low blood sugar, is characterized by abnormally low glucose levels in the bloodstream. While manageable for many individuals, severe cases can lead to significant health complications and even medical emergencies. In some instances, hypoglycemia can result from...

Insulin Overdose and Medical Malpractice

Our Washington, D.C. Hypoglycemia Lawyers at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates Are Experienced With Insulin Overdose Malpractice Claims

An insulin overdose can cause severe health consequences, and when it occurs due to medical negligence, the legal implications can also be significant. Patients rely on healthcare professionals to administer insulin safely and accurately. However, mistakes can happen, leading to...

Can I Sue for Hypoglycemia Birth Injury Complications?

Birth injury

Hypoglycemia occurs when a person’s blood glucose levels fall below normal. If the glucose levels become dangerously low, it can cause various health complications, including reduced brain function. Several factors can increase the risk of hypoglycemia in a newborn baby,...

How Is Shoulder Dystocia Caused?

newborn shoulder

Shoulder dystocia is a complication that can occur during childbirth, presenting serious risks to the mother and the baby. It happens when the baby’s shoulders get stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone during delivery. Understanding the causes of shoulder dystocia...

Can You File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit for Kernicterus?

Our Washington, D.C. Kernicterus Birth Injury Lawyers at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates Will Help

Over half of all babies born in the United States have some degree of jaundice, which is a condition that occurs when there is a buildup of a chemical called bilirubin in the baby’s bloodstream. Common symptoms of jaundice include...

Can Bacterial Meningitis Be Caused by Medical Negligence?

Fairfax Medical Malpractice Lawyers at the Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates Advocate for Clients With Bacterial Meningitis

Bacterial meningitis is a serious and dangerous infection and a medical emergency. Bacterial meningitis progresses quickly and requires immediate and appropriate treatment to prevent permanent injury or death. Negligent actions and dangerous mistakes by medical professionals causing bacterial meningitis are considered...

2023 Medical malpractice statistics

Medical law and justice concept with doctor on the background.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical provider fails to provide the degree of care that another provider in the same circumstances with the same credentials would have, resulting in a patient injury. According to the American Medical Association (AMA), one...

Podiatry patient awarded $4M in med mal trial for nerve injury

Tired surgeons sitting in the floor.

In a recent medical malpractice case, a plaintiff was awarded a $4 million verdict against Village Podiatry Group LLC. This complex lawsuit came after a routine ankle surgery led to a debilitating condition called chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), allegedly...

Patient Awarded $10M After a Botched Gallbladder Surgery

Surgeon perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy in gall stone patient with abdominal pain.

A patient and her husband were awarded $10.1 in a recent medical malpractice case after a surgeon cut the patient’s common bile duct during gallbladder surgery. Amy McGouirk filed a lawsuit against the surgeon and the surgeon’s employer after facing...

Woman Awarded $25 Million in Malpractice Trial After Leg Amputation

Woman's leg amputated due to misdiagnosis.

A Connecticut jury awarded a young local woman, Virginia Schneider, nearly $25 million in a medical malpractice case. After a lengthy, five-week trial, the jury came to a decision. They found that a vascular surgeon on call at a local...

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