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Birth Injuries

Family awarded $31.6 million in medical malpractice lawsuit for birth injuries

Mother is sad of her baby with birth injuries.

A family was recently awarded a verdict of $31.6 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against MyMichigan Health. The lawsuit alleged that negligent care during childbirth resulted in severe brain damage for their daughter. While this case was not won...

What Are the Most Common Birth Injuries?

Newborn crying in the delivery room.

A happy and healthy baby is all any expectant parent hopes for. Unfortunately, thousands of newborns suffer serious birth-related injuries every year, many of which are entirely preventable. The emotional and financial strains that often accompany birth injuries can leave...

Iowa Jury Awards More Than $14.5 Million in Wrongful Birth Lawsuit

Baby is crying while being carried by his mother.

In January 2019, an Iowa jury awarded more than $14.5 million to parents who claimed that their medical care providers’ failure to warn them about their child’s fetal abnormalities prevented them from making an informed choice on whether to go...

Forceps Injuries: Risks to Mothers and Babies

Birth Injury

Forceps are a medical instrument used to facilitate the extraction of a baby’s head through the birth canal during delivery. Forceps-assisted deliveries are typically performed when labor becomes difficult or when there are signs of distress, and there are medical...

Arkansas Jury Awards $46.5 Million in Brain Damage Birth Injury Case

an expectant mother hugging her stomach

A jury in Union County, Arkansas recently awarded $46.5 million in damages over a lifelong disability suffered by a child born at a local medical center. According to court documents, the lawsuit stems from a C-section delivery in 2014 in...

Iowa Supreme Court Recognizes Wrongful Birth Claims

Mesothelioma Claim

On June 2nd, the Iowa Supreme Court joined the majority of the United States in recognizing wrongful birth claims. This move thus resuscitated a couple’s medical malpractice suit alleging they would have terminated a pregnancy, as their doctor failed to...

Cook County Judge Awards $23M Verdict in Brain Damage Birth Injury Case


In a recent notable verdict from Illinois, a Tinley Park family was awarded over $23.1 million in compensation by a Cook County Circuit Court judge who sided with the family’s allegations that their child’s birth injuries and ongoing health problems...

Miami Family Secures $33.8 Million Birth Injury Award Against Federal Govt.

Birth Injury

In a notable medical malpractice result from Florida, a federal judge ruled earlier this month that a federally supported health care provider and physician were negligent in causing significant injuries to a child during delivery. The case, which was resolved...

Official Report at Least 5 Births Following Botched Zika Tests by DC Lab

image of Zika virus testing

Officials from the District of Columbia have reported that at least five pregnant women who had their blood tested for Zika by the DC public health lab last year have since given birth. These five births include at least one...

Error in DC Lab Tests for Zika Results in Hundreds of Retests, Concerns for Mothers

Zika virus

In what has made national headlines, the DC public health lab is retesting of hundreds of blood samples after a critical error in laboratory testing procedure was discovered. The error, discovered in fall of last year by newly appointed public...

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