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Birth Injuries

Official Report at Least 5 Births Following Botched Zika Tests by DC Lab

image of Zika virus testing

Officials from the District of Columbia have reported that at least five pregnant women who had their blood tested for Zika by the DC public health lab last year have since given birth. These five births include at least one...

Error in DC Lab Tests for Zika Results in Hundreds of Retests, Concerns for Mothers

Zika virus

In what has made national headlines, the DC public health lab is retesting of hundreds of blood samples after a critical error in laboratory testing procedure was discovered. The error, discovered in fall of last year by newly appointed public...

Chicago Family Awarded $53 Million in Birth Injury Case

birth injury

Twelve years after Lisa Ewing’s newborn child suffered severe birth injuries as a result of negligent healthcare, the family was awarded an unprecedented sum of $53 million. According to the lawsuit, medical staff at the University of Chicago did not...

Placental Abruption and Birth Injuries


Placental abruption, in most cases, is not usually preventable. It occurs when the placenta separates prematurely from the uterine wall, causing severe distress to the infant and often requiring an emergency C-section delivery. The placenta is the source through which...

Doctor Negligence Causes Baby’s Permanent Brain Damage, Jury Awards Family $30M

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A jury at the Hampden Superior Court in Springfield has awarded almost $30 million to a Holyoke family after their baby suffered a serious and permanent neurological injury at birth. The baby, according to the pretrial report, was left in...

Doctor Held Liable for $900,000 in Damages After a Baby Suffers a Serious Birth Injury


In July 2015, a three-judge panel confirmed a case of delivery room negligence, which held one doctor liable for about $900,000 in damages. At the conclusion of the case, the panel ruled that the doctor breached the standard of care...

Mother Seeks $22 Million for Child’s Injuries in Birth in Injury Lawsuit

Mother Seeks $22 Million for Child's Injuries in Birth in Injury Lawsuit

A mother who gave birth to her child on October 7, 2012 has recently filed a lawsuit against the United States of America due to medical practice at the non-profit health center where she gave birth to a baby girl....

Attorney Michael M. Wilson Assists with a Possible Case of Health Care Negligence

Attorney Michael M. Wilson Assists with a Possible Case of Health Care Negligence

Attorney Michael M. Wilson assisted with the filing of a lawsuit on behalf of a mother acting for her child, a minor, who suffered from midgut volvulus just two days after birth. In the case, the plaintiffs are seeking at...

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Birth Injuries


Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is a serious neurological impairment that can occur as a result of birth trauma. CVI is typically caused by trauma during birth involving a lack of oxygen or blood, as well as other causes that include...

Ohio Family Awards $14.5 Million in Medical Malpractice Case


A jury in Cuyahoga County, Ohio recently awarded a $14.5 million medical malpractice verdict to a boy and his mother after the boy suffered serious birth injuries. The trial, which lasted two weeks, resulted in a favorable verdict for the...

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