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Medical Errors

Most Americans Oppose Medical Malpractice Damages Caps

Medical Malpractice Attorney

In a previous blog, we discussed how medical malpractice has become a target for lobbyists who place profits over people in their attempts to place limits on the amount of compensation victims can recover after being injured by medical negligence....

Study Suggests Over 20% of Patients with Serious Conditions are Initially Misdiagnosed

doctor reviewing a chart

A new study recently published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice suggests that over 20% of patients who obtained a second opinion from a Minnesota clinic were misdiagnosed by their primary physicians. The study, which focused on patients...

400,000 Patients Die from Medical Malpractice Every Year

medical malpractice

An article by John T. James, PhD explains that preventable medical errors are among the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for as many as 400,000 deaths per year. The previous estimate, made more than three decades...

Spine Surgeon “Dr. Death” Sentenced to Life in Prison

image of Dr. Death

Last week, Christopher Duntsch, a 45-year-old Texas neurosurgeon who earned himself the nickname “Dr. Death,” was sentenced to life in prison by a Dallas jury. After deliberating for just over an hour, jurors agreed with prosecutors that the former surgeon...

Checklists Emphasize Protocol, Providing Life-Saving Reminders


Dr. Elliot Haut, a trauma surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, began designing a blood clot prevention protocol with his team back in 2006, intending to decrease the mortality rates for preventable blood clots. Dr. Haut believes that a...

National Physician Data bank Payments for Physician Errors Severely Decreased

medical malpractice

The National Physician Databank payments for physician errors have decreased steadily for over a decade, between the years 2001 and 2015, with D.C. ranking at 49 out of 51. If payments for physician errors are decreasing, does that mean physicians...

Patient Permanently Paralyzed Due to Medical Error

medical malpractice

In a recent medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania, a jury awarded over $12 million to a 53 year-old man who was rendered paralyzed due to the failure of emergency room physicians who did not recognize he was suffering from a...

Medical Peer Review Privilege


All 50 states and the District of Columbia have a medical peer review statute. This privilege allows protection to medical facilities and doctors, preventing patients and their counsel from acquiring incident reports, reports to the hospital’s legal department, and other...

$22 Million Lawsuit – Doctor Error During Surgery Results In Patient Paralysis

surgical tools

A current medical malpractice lawsuit seeks $22 million in damages in a case in which the doctor was accused of dropping two surgical instruments onto a patient’s spine during surgery to relieve a pinched nerve, causing paralysis. The man was...

Medical Errors Third Leading Cause of Death in the United States

doctor with stethoscope

Whenever we are hurt, have an illness, or are dealing with some kind of medical condition, we trust doctors and hospital staff to take care of us and remedy our situations. This is a reasonable expectation as these are professionals...

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