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Dr. Michael M. Wilson Quoted in ED Legal Letter


Dr. Michael M. Wilson – founding attorney at The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson, M.D., J.D. & Associates – was recently quoted in ED Legal Letter sharing his insight regarding complex medical malpractice issues. ED Legal Letter is a well-renowned professional resource that focuses on topics relating to emergency medicine malpractice prevention and risk management. As a physician-attorney who practices exclusively in medical malpractice law, Dr. Wilson has a great deal of experience handling cases involving malpractice in emergency settings.

The article in which Dr. Wilson was quoted discusses the legal responsibilities of emergency physicians (EP) and on-call MDs. According to the article – and recent court rulings – the emergency physician, not an on-call MD, has legal responsibility for the patient for as long as the patient remains in the emergency department. Additionally, the article discusses whether on-call specialists have a patient-physician relationship.

Dr. Wilson provided his thoughts on the issue by sharing insight from his many years of handling cases involving medical negligence and liability. He noted that he has seen claims involving bad outcomes that occurred during a period between when a specialist saw a patient and when the specialist was contacted. “In general,” Dr. Wilson summarized, “the EP is responsible for the patient until the patient actually leaves the ER.” He also stated that EPs and specialists can be sued and held jointly responsible if they both err in treating a patient. Ultimately, he stated, determinations are left up to the jury. You can read the article here.

Dr. Wilson has focused his legal practice on medical malpractice law for more than 30 years, and has secured millions in compensation for clients. As demonstrated in this article, Dr. Wilson is a respected figure in the legal / medical field, and one trusted to comment on complex and challenging issues. Clients who place their trust in Dr. Wilson and our firm’s legal team can be confident that years of experience and success are on their side. If you have questions about filing a medical malpractice claim and how our legal team can help, call 202.223.4488.

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