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L.A. Man Awarded $58 Million After Being Severely Beaten


A 43-year-old house painter from Los Angeles was recently awarded nearly $58 million dollars in compensation after a beating from a security guard left him severely brain damaged and deformed. In April 2010, Antonio Lopez Chaj was involved in an altercation at La Barra Latina in Torrance, a Los Angeles-area bar.

Chaj was reportedly attempting to intervene in a fight between a family member and the bar manager. Chaj’s attorney claims that during the alteration, an unlicensed, untrained security guard employed by a local security and patrol service beat Chaj with either a baton or metal bar, kicked him in the head several times, and slammed his head onto the pavement four times. Due to an absence of independent witnesses, the guard was never criminally charged. Reports also show that the bartender and the guard could not be found before the civil trial.

The $58 million dollar judgment is one of the largest awarded to an individual in California. Although the security firm is likely to appeal or request a reduction to the judgment, the jury awarded Chaj $35 million for past pain and suffering, $11.5 million for future medical expenses, and $11 million for future pain and suffering.

Although this particular case is not one that involves medical malpractice, it does serve to highlight the elevated stakes and complexities inherent to cases that involve seriously or catastrophically injured victims. As the result of his injuries, the victim in this case is no longer able to speak, needs help walking and completing daily tasks, and requires 24-hour care. His life – as well as the lives of his loved ones – has been changed forever.

At The Law Offices of Dr. Michael M. Wilson M.D., J.D. & Associates, Attorney Wilson has worked with many victims suffering from catastrophic, life-changing injuries – many of which are similar to the brain damage and disfigurement experienced by the victim in this case. While his efforts are focused on helping victims obtain the necessary medical treatment they need and the emotional support they deserve, he never relents from his efforts to obtain justice and full compensation on their behalf. If you or your loved one has experienced any type of injury at the hands of a medical professional or healthcare provider – including any catastrophic injuries – allow a proven, experienced Washington D.C. medical malpractice attorney to review your case and explain the ways in which you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the firm today.

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