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Mother Seeks $22 Million for Child’s Injuries in Birth in Injury Lawsuit

Mother Seeks $22 Million for Child's Injuries in Birth in Injury Lawsuit

A mother who gave birth to her child on October 7, 2012 has recently filed a lawsuit against the United States of America due to medical practice at the non-profit health center where she gave birth to a baby girl. The woman claims that the employees at the facility were careless and negligent with their actions. As a result, she is suing for $2 million in compensation or damages done to her as well as $20 million in damages for her daughter.

For one matter, the mother claims that the physicians were not trained properly in a variety of manner. She stated that the physicians lacked the proper knowledge for obstetrical matters. The mother added that one of the physicians involved with the delivery was negligent in that the doctor failed to supervise another physician during the delivery. She stated that the supervising physician failed to step in and help during the delivery process when the supervising doctor noticed that an excess amount of pressure was applied to improper areas on the infant.

Additionally, the mother stated that the other doctor lacked the necessary skills for delivering a baby and acted in a negligent, careless, and unskillful way. She explained that the untrained doctors made a series of errors before, during, and after the delivery procedure as well. She believed these actions caused serious and permanent injuries to her daughter including dystocia and brachial plexus injury.

The healthcare facility and case remain under investigation.

What to Do if Your Baby Suffers a Birth Injury

Many birth injuries are completely avoidable and result in serious harm or death to the babies involved. In addition, mothers of infants are harmed in the process as well. This is why many of these situations turn into medical malpractice cases.

If your baby has suffered harm a birth injury, it is important to speak with a Washington, D.C. medical malpractice lawyer immediately. You may receive compensation for any physical harm, medical expenses, and emotional distresses you and your family may face as a result of the injury. We work hard and out an aggressive team on your side.

Don’t wait; make the call. Let us fight for you and your family today!

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