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Medical Malpractice Blog

Patient Awarded $10M After a Botched Gallbladder Surgery

Surgeon perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy in gall stone patient with abdominal pain.

A patient and her husband were awarded $10.1 in a recent medical malpractice case after a surgeon cut the patient’s common bile duct during gallbladder surgery. Amy McGouirk filed a lawsuit against the surgeon and the surgeon’s employer after facing...

Woman Awarded $25 Million in Malpractice Trial After Leg Amputation

Woman's leg amputated due to misdiagnosis.

A Connecticut jury awarded a young local woman, Virginia Schneider, nearly $25 million in a medical malpractice case. After a lengthy, five-week trial, the jury came to a decision. They found that a vascular surgeon on call at a local...

Jury Awards $10.1 Million Against Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound

Doctor and nurses rushing critical patient to emergency room.

Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound was willfully and wantonly negligent for causing the permanent paralysis of a Flower Mound woman, a Dallas County jury recently found. According to Denton Record-Chronicle, the jury awarded $10.1 million to the woman. About the...

Maryland Attorney General Releases Report on Child Sexual Abuse in Catholic Church

Lawyer holding the gavel with hourglass on the side.

As a result of a four-year investigation into sexual abuse in the Catholic Church’s Archdiocese of Baltimore, Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown released a report that details allegations of misconduct on the part of 156 clergy members and others...

Patient Receives $14.3 Million Settlement After Doctor Fails to Diagnose Her Terminal Breast Cancer

Breast cancer patient is sadden by the news she heard from the doctor.

A breast cancer patient and her spouse recently secured a multimillion-dollar settlement for failure to diagnose her condition. According to the complaint, the patient, Lisa Leval, and her husband, Gerald, alleged that radiologist Ingrid Ott from Washington Radiology Associates and...

Can You Sue for Medical Malpractice Without a Lawyer?

Doctor talking to female patient regarding her diagnosis.

Representing yourself in a medical malpractice lawsuit is certainly an option, though rarely a good one. Because they exist at the intersection of two highly specialized fields — medicine and law — medical malpractice lawsuits tend to be legally and...

Informed Consent and Medical Malpractice

Patient reading an informed consent document in front of doctor.

Informed consent is a core component of medical ethics. Healthcare providers are legally obligated to provide their patients with the information they need to make an educated decision about their healthcare, as well as receive their approval before proceeding with...

Rhode Island jury awards $61.6 million in damages for leg amputation caused by failure to administer anticoagulant

Elder amputee alone in the park

In December 2010, Peter Sfameni began experiencing lower back pain, fatigue, and weight loss. He sought help at the emergency room of the Rhode Island Hospital. He was then admitted for a pre-planned lymph-node biopsy. Prior to arriving at the...

Florida jury holds neurosurgeon & radiologist responsible for paralysis & awards $15.5M in damages for misdiagnosis

Group of neurosurgeons in the operating room

Over the summer, a jury in Florida awarded Jean Magloire and his wife $15.5 million in damages in a misdiagnosis case. In December 2012, Mr. Magloire was hit in a truck accident that ultimately led to the amputation of his...

What is Meant by a “Breach of the Standard of Care” in a Medical Malpractice Case?

Female doctor checking up disabled senior.

The standard of care is an essential concept in any medical malpractice claim. Healthcare providers must follow certain guidelines based on available medical knowledge when diagnosing and treating patients. These guidelines are known as standards of care. When providers deviate from accepted...

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