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Pennsylvania Birth Injury Case Reaches Verdict


A birth injury lawsuit resulted in a $78.5 million dollar verdict in a case of a three-year-old who suffered brain damage at birth. The case was brought by the parents on behalf of their child, Parrys Nicholson-Upsey. The case was filed in the Common Pleas Court of Philadelphia.

The mother was 36 weeks pregnant when she went to the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center for abdominal pain. An ultrasound showed no detectable heart movement. It took approximately one more hour to perform an emergency cesarean section.

The infant was “hypotonic and lethargic” and the newborn was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital for brain cooling treatment to spare the brain cells from additional injury.

Unfortunately, the endotracheal tube became clogged with blood during emergency transport, according to the complaint.

The child now has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy that was preventable, according to the complaint.

The defendants include Bryn Mawr Neonatal Associates, Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc., Main Line Health, Inc., Jefferson Health System, Inc., Women’s Health Care, P.C., and Pottstown Hospital Company LLC, according to the court docket sheet.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, no amount of money can ever make this child whole. However, the funds can improve the quality of the child’s life.

The cost of taking care of babies injured at birth can be astronomical, as this verdict shows. Click here for the full story from the Pennsylvania Record >>

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