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Utah Man Awards Largest Personal Injury Verdict in Utah History


Earlier this week, a jury in Utah awarded a man the largest personal injury verdict in the state’s history. The plaintiff was a former CEO who received $11.2 million for the injuries he suffered at the hand of a negligent doctor. The verdict was unanimous and was an excess of almost $3 million over the plaintiff’s initial request.

When the plaintiff went into the hospital for a biopsy, he was wrongly diagnosed with having a severely cancerous brain tumor. The doctor who made the diagnosis was a University of Utah neurosurgeon. In light of the supposed cancer, the plaintiff underwent surgery to have an open re-section of his brain. During the surgery, a massive stroke occurred when the doctor removed brain tissue and an artery. The stroke caused the plaintiff to sustain acute disabilities, including right-side paralysis and inability to speak.

According to the reports, no cancer was found and the University of Utah refused to mediate the case or make a settlement offer.

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